Tuesday, 31 March 2009

2009 Edition to be released in June by CIPA

Yes, the 2009 edition will be in out in real book format in June, with all proceeds to CIPA. I understand that the price will be £25 for CIPA members (incl p&p) and £30 for non-members.

Further information will be posted at the new forum at http://studyguide.forumer.com, which also provides areas to discuss P2, P3, P4 and P6, together with suggested revision schedules to help synchronise your discussions - the forum is entirely free to anyone who is interested, so please make use of it!

The 2009 Edition includes

In Part 1:
• Updated section on the *simplified* UK patents act, to reflect the JEB syllabus
• Sections covering designs and competition

In Part 2:
• Updated sections on overseas law to reflect the JEB syllabus

In new Part 3:
• A complete guide to revising for, analysing and answering P2 Questions

In Part 4:
• Quick reference tables for GB, EP and PCT prosecution

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Anonymous said...


I am most disappointed that what used to be a free and excellent resource now costs £25. Though I understand your wish to possibly make some money I would have hoped that CIPA would have subsidised this heavily for students. Additionally, a very useful feature of having an electronic copy of your guide is that it is easily searchable - would you consider making an electronic copy available?

Anonymous said...

Agreed - or even if the book came with the text on CD-ROM.

Cost isn't SO much an issue (although I wonder why CIPA hands out the book on Drafting but not this volume to new Students) but searchability of the text is. As well as not being able to access it on my iPhone while on the train, obviously.

The paper copy is, in short, more expensive and less useful than the previously-available edition.

Of course, none of this is saying that such a resource is not still very useful in and of itself, and Doug is still to be commended for his contribution to the professional development of future attorneys.

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