Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Study Guide is now available

The Guide is free, and available for download by clicking on the cover image to the right or by visiting the 'Downloads' section, which also links to some sample pages.

The Guide sets out to achieve the opposite of such books as Visser and Hoekstra; rather than provide exhaustive commentary on all patent law for reference during the open-book EQEs, it instead simplifies the law and commentary (including the recent rule changes) as far as possible, to provide a single, bare-bones reference that can be readily learnt for the closed-book UK finals. The Guide may also be handy for anyone else wanting a consolidation of the sections and the new rules.

The book relies on word-of-mouth - so if you find it useful, please let others know about it!

The Guide was last updated on 24th September 2008. The link to the right is for the latest version. Corrections since version 1.1 was released can be found in the errors post further down.


Part 1: UK Law
• Simplified UK Patents Act with exam notes;
• Designs
• Competition Law

Part 2: Overseas Law
• Extracts from the Paris Convention
• Extracts from the Patent Co-Operation Treaty
• Extracts from the European Patent Convention
• Overview of US Patent Law
• Overview of Japanese Patent Law

Part 3: Tables
• Common Forms
• Amendment and Correction
• PCT Prosecution Timeline
• GB Prosecution Timelines
• EP Prosecution Timeline


Anonymous said...

Ey Doug!it's helpful and to the point !many thanks!I'm actually using it to get in shape for this year's P1 and P5.

Many thanks again for sharing your work with us,


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