Thursday, 22 May 2008

Errors, Questions, Suggestions...

In lieu of a forum facility on blogspot, please use this blog entry to post any...
i. errors you find in the book,
ii. requests for clarification on an entry in the book, or
iii. suggestions about what you would like to see added to the book (either in one of the monthly updates planned for the run-up to this year's P2, or for a future edition).

- Thank you!

All errata previously reported here for v1.0 have been corrected in v1.1.

Errata in v1.1 of the book:

The error(s) below have been fixed in the currently available download of 24th September 2008.

• The commentary on section 4A has been updated to remove the requirement for Swiss Claims (see section 4A.02 of the 5th supplement for details).

• s77(6) has been corrected; references to Rules 110(3) and (4) should of course refer to Rules 108 (2) and (3).

• R108(5) has been included, to read 'The discretionary extensions under (1) and (3) above are limited to 2 months from the deadline in the case of periods listed in part 3 of schedule 4.'.

• s25(3) - The parenthesis should read '...(being by default the anniversary of filing, or in the case of R37(3)or(4), the end of the 3rd month from grant)...'

• A54(3) - the accompanying notes have been updated to clarify that A54(3) EPC 2000 applies for filings after 12 Dec 2007.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug, this book is really making my life easier.

One small thing – in the designs section I think the order of qualification (on page 138 in the version I have) should be “Commissioner, Employer, Designer, 1st to Market” (Commissioner and Employer swapped).

Anonymous said...

This certainly is very useful. Thanks for being so public spirited!

On the subject of public, I think there is a typo in s.21(2) on p.44!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered a "print-on-demand" publisher? I believe that the financial risk would be minimal in that case.

Peer said...

On page 115, reference is made to: "111: unauthorised clam [sic] of patent application".

Anonymous said...


Cheers for doing this. It's proving to be incredibly useful.

Minor error in paraphrasing of S. 2(3) on p. 4, I think. Should be "published ON OR after the priority date...".

Anonymous said...

Doug, thanks!

Spotted this though:

Page 63, under the heading Effective Deadlines: - "damages" should read "costs or expenses"

Anonymous said...

I think this is great book. However, the UK priority timeline suggests that you might be able to get a two month extension to the 16 month deadline for making a priority declaration. I think you really mean that you can get an extension for filing the priority document, but it's not clear.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you could start some sort of forum via your blog so that candidates for P2 can post questions and others can offer assistance. I think there's something similar for the EQE.

I don't know how it would be regulated or how you could prevent spam, but it would be very useful.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Doug said...

Regarding a forum -

I think this is a good idea, and I did originally envisage a forum rather than a blog - however, freely hosted forums generally require people to give away email addresses etc., and I didn't want people getting spammed. I will look at getting a hosted forum set up, but it might not be in time for this year.

Thanks again for the suggestion!


Anonymous said...

It is not really a forum, but there is a wiki which allows people to work on model answers to P2 questions:

Anonymous said...

The above website is no longer open access.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

Thanks, this book is making revision feel a lot less of a chore.

I've come across one error (I think) on page 109 in the notes on s77(6) it says " 2 months under 110(3) and 110(4)..." which I think should be rule 108 under the 2007 rules.


Anonymous said...

One thing I have noticed is that the discussion of Swiss claims could be clarified in s.4A. The wording seems to be saying that Swiss claims are necessary for second medical uses, but the usual first medical use format (product X for use in the treatment of disease Y) can now be used for all medical use claim following the changes of EPC 2000.

Anonymous said...

Going over the top tomorrow – I just want to say a big THANK YOU for providing such a useful guide.

Mavin said...

This is a fantastic resource. Herewith some minor suggestions for correction.
P.74 - S41(1)(2) - I think this should read "any rights of the patent or the patent application".
P.78 - S48 - I think the second note should read "imposing conditions that affect the economy".
P.129 - R77(4) - I think this should refer to the claimant's "PF2".
P.151 - Art93EPC - I think the third note should read "cited for novelty under A54(3)".
P.159 - USC102(a) - I think this should read " the invention was known or used by others".